Why AdvisorCheatSheet.com?

Independent Financial Research For and By Financial Professionals
Saves Time & Money

In today’s wealth management industry, time is money. AdvisorCheatSheet helps subscribers save time by providing independent research that cuts through the noise and allows advisors to focus more time on their clients and growing their business.


We watch macro indicators to identify tactical opportunities across asset classes that can help our subscribers outperform. We focus on medium term opportunities for tactical investment accounts and look for the big trend changes that can offer months of outperformance.

Actionable Ideas

We take complex macro-economic concepts (Chinese economic developments, implication of rising interest rates, GDP reports, FOMC Statements, etc.) and tell you: 1) What you need to know, 2) Why it’s important, and 3) How it will move markets.

Talking Points

In today’s world, clients expect their financial professional to know what is going on in all markets. Reality is advisors have limited time and resources. We explain in plain English what is going on in all markets so that advisor can use it with clients.

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What is AdvisorCheatSheet.com?

Weekly macro economic report to assist financial professions.

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