The Right Way to Buy the Dip

With the market showing signs of stabilizing over the past two days, the focus of a lot of our FA clients has shifted to answering the question “When does this correction become a buying opportunity?” We addressed that question in today’s full, paid edition of The Sevens Report. As we all know, capitalizing on buying[…]

Six Signals of a Market Bottom

Given the current depressed mood on Wall Street, it was refreshing to get a great compliment this morning from a recent subscriber from Merrill, who said that especially right now, The Sevens Report was “awesome” because it is helping him: Navigate this historically challenging market, and Strengthen his relationships with his clients by demonstrating he[…]

Pullback or Something More?

Hello , This market is getting ugly and we all know it. The reason for this latest breakdown in stocks was yesterday’s FOMC Minutes, which reduced the chance of a September rate hike, and in doing so revealed an unconfident Fed and compounded growing global growth worries that started in China, but are now spreading[…]

House of Cards

“House of Cards.” That’s how a subscriber (a Raymond James FA from Tennessee) described this equity market when he and I were speaking yesterday afternoon. And, because of that general opinion, he’s kept his clients in diversified portfolios over the past few years, and as a result they have underperformed the S&P 500. And, while[…]

Jobs Report Preview

I was shocked this week when my wife told me we only had a few more days to order new school uniforms for our son, and between that and the start of pre-season football camps, there are signs everywhere that summer is ending and life is about to get a lot busier, not just personally,[…]