weekly market update

Weekly Market Update

Here is a small excerpt of the weekly market update from Advisor Cheat Sheet.  The S&P 500 was virtually unchanged last week as holiday-light trading conditions combined with a relative dearth of any important news caused markets to drift sideways for most of the week. Terrorism reared its head on Monday and Friday in three[…]

Free Stock Market Update

  Stock Market Update: Holiday trading conditions appear to have started early this year, as stocks notched mild losses on Wednesday in very, very quiet trade. The S&P 500 slid 0.25%. Stocks were slightly lower from the outset yesterday thanks mainly to light profit taking. There were some news catalysts, including decent NKE earnings (although[…]


FOMC Meeting & Retail Sales Update

FOMC Meeting The FOMC increased rates 25 basis points, as expected. The FOMC increased the number of expected rate hikes in 2017 to three, a hawkish surprise. Takeaway Yesterday’s meeting largely met our “hawkish if” scenario as 1) The Fed hiked rates 25 basis points, 2) The Fed dots surprised markets by showing the expectation of three rate increases in[…]