FOMC Meeting & Retail Sales Update

FOMC Meeting The FOMC increased rates 25 basis points, as expected. The FOMC increased the number of expected rate hikes in 2017 to three, a hawkish surprise. Takeaway Yesterday’s meeting largely met our “hawkish if” scenario as 1) The Fed hiked rates 25 basis points, 2) The Fed dots surprised markets by showing the expectation of three rate increases in[…]


Donald Trump Election Reaction Market Strategy (Sector Winners & Losers)

  The events of last night largely met our “Ugly” scenario, and as such Advisor Cheat Sheet saw a “Brexit-style” reaction as markets traded sharply lower overnight, although notably they are well off those lows this morning. From an analysis stand point Advisor Cheat Sheet will focus on immediate takeaways and trying to answer questions[…]


Dow Theory Update

Dow Theory has one of the best technical indicators for getting the longer-term trend of the markets “right.” Now, Dow Theory is not known for calling tops and bottoms in the market, but rather providing the direction of the dominant underlying trend so that investors can capitalize on upswings and avoid downdrafts more effectively, which[…]